Project: bPay



Today bPay is a pre-paid product in the form of a wristband, key fob, sticker. During 2014, Barclays launched bPay by Barclaycard (a next generation of wearable contactless payment devices). The wearable device enables customers to make quick, easy and secure payments directly with their bPay band. During this initial offering Barclaycard issued over 40,000 bPay contactless wristbands working with partners such as Southampton Football Club, British Summer Time music festival and Pride for London.

bPay is an open market solution, meaning account holders do not need to be existing Barclays or Barclaycard account holders and can link any UK issued Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card to fund the bPay stored value account.

bPay enables many different customer segments to access a contactless product that would otherwise be unavailable to them such; the Youth market (18-25) that is declined in the majority of cases when they apply to financial institutions for a contactless products. Another clearly identified segment is Transport for London (TfL). The bPay product enables customers to travel on the London Underground without the risk of card clash or accidental charges. bPay also taps into the growing consumer demand for wearable technology products where incremental value and benefit is realised, such as gym membership and the planned evolution of access control.

In its latest offering bPay has extended the product portfolio to include the bPay key fob and sticker as alternate choices to the latest iteration of the bPay wristband.


Company: Barclays Bank Plc
Category: Consumer Payments
Start Date: 01.01.2014
Finish Date: 06.07.2015

  • Wearable Payment Devices
  • Building Access Capable
  • Transit Enabled (Transport for London)
  • Oneline and mobile applications
  • Visa Contactless Payments


"...I really really appreciate the important role you are playing. The bPay demonstration was instrumental in securing our 3rd party relationship and is playing a key role in building excitement and support across our organisation."

Val Soranno Keating, CEO Barclaycard